Proven Farming Strategies

Discover how to get the most out of raising your animals, turning a profit, and getting the most meat out of your stock. Sesen Farm has put together an intensive guide in order for you to get the most out of your farming whether you are a small hobby farmer or have your own enterprise to run. We’ve been farming for over 50 years and know exactly the secrets and shortcuts to getting the most out of your efforts.


Sesen Farming

Sustainable Farming

Create a sustainable farm that can produce food for over a lifetime and also be good for the environment.

Fast Raising Process

Raise your animals as quickly as possible and maximize the time it takes to produce a new litter.

Maximize Profits

Grow your own animals to produce food as well as maximize profits when selling the excess produce.

Produce A Return

Make your money back from the Sesen Farming course within the first year or raising your animals.


Raising Animals Has Been Apart Of Our Family For Decades

I’ve always grown up around farming. My Father raises pigs for a living and has raised cows in the past. My brothers are going to become dairy farmers and even my grandparents have been involved in farming in the past. We have dedicated their lives to farming and producing for the public. We always like to say that we feed the world and want to do it in the most efficient manner possible. We hope to provide you with information to build your own farm and raise a sustainable future for those around you.





Before being introduced to Sesen Farming, I had a lot of trouble keeping my pigs big and plump before they were going to market and before going to 4H. After Sesen Farming helped me, I got 1st place in my local 4H competition. Without them, I don’t think I would have made first place. I owe it all to them and highly recommend taking a look at whatever they put out because it’s going to help you raise pigs to the highest quality.



Using Sesen Farming as my source to raise my cows has been tremendously helpful. With their guidance I was able to grow my herd from 1 bull to 5 head. The information they provide helped me maximize my head production and grow the biggest cows possible.



I knew that I had a lot of experience in raising pheasants already but Sesen Farming’s training gave me the best insight into growing the best birds possible. pheasants aren’t easy to grow but Sesen Farming gave me all the best tips that I couldn’t even think of to grow them. Thanks a lot Sesen Farming!

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